Monday, December 22, 2008


Having a very icy Christmas this year.  This is the third day I've been snowed in, and may not be the last. May be until WEDNESDAY at least until I can get out in my car. Walked to Whole Foods with my back pack and filled it up with goodies and firewood and trudged back home.

Everything was covered with a 1/4 inch layer of ice, and few people were out and about.  Grateful that Whole Foods is close enough to walk to and open for business!

Failed at Toffee-Making Attempt #2. Got the thickness to work (worked  out the correct pan size for the batch BEFORE pouring hot buttery mixture into it....) and worked out the chocolate melting, but it's still got butter streaks across the chocolate, making it look not very appetizing... Oh well. Think I'll stick to cookies....

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